Brake Replacement Service

The life of your vehicle's brake system depends on the driving conditions and the handling habits of the driver. Eventually, the pads and shoes will need replacement; the rotors and drums will need to be resurfaced or replaced; the calipers will need to be cleaned or replaced; the wheel bearings may need to be repacked or replaced; and the brake fluid will need to be replaced.

We offer Brakes System services on passenger Vehicles and light duty trucks. We use only recognized brake pads, shoes and parts that exceed the specifications requirements. All of our Life Time Brake Services come with a lifetime warranty on all the parts we replace.

Benefit of Service : Eliminate brake noise, ensure proper stopping & peace of mind.

Service Interval Brake pad service varies greatly. Have us check you brakes at least once a year (always free) or if you hear or feel sometime usual.

  • Prices include semi-metallic brake pads if called for and turning the rotors
  • Additional brake parts, calipers, rotors, hardware kits are extra cost
  • Upgrades are available for truck pads and ceramic pads
  • Replacing wheel bearings or re-packing wheel bearings is extra